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"Why is it important for me to educate my clients about taking care of their skin?"

As Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring Practitioners, it is our responsibility to take care of our clients pre and post. This includes educating them on our pre and post extraction procedures so that they can reduce the risk of ingrowns, pustules or mild breakouts. When your client has properly taken care of their skin in between appointments, it makes our job as Practitioners easier, more comfort to the client for the next extraction.

"I have recently made the switch from being a waxing technician to a Body Sugaring Practitioner. When I was waxing, I did Brazilians. Why do I need to take The Perfect Bikini class?"

This specialized service needs extra attention. Using our unique system for hair removal in this area you will have the knowledge necessary to give your client the best possible experience. Proper technique ensures the least amount of discomfort to the client while providing the best results. Our experienced Educators will teach you the importance of pre and post care, prepping, evaluating while providing a professional service for your client.

"I’m having trouble with my sugar. I find it is hard to mould the sugar on because it is too stiff. What am I doing wrong?"

When sugaring, room temperature, your hand temperature and area of the body are all taken into consideration. If your room is too cold, the sugar paste will remain stiff and difficult to use. If your room is too hot, your paste becomes too soft. Moist areas need a drier paste, dry areas need a softer, moister paste. Keep your room at a comfortable temperature and use a fan or air conditioning in the summer. Remember you are using a natural product. The environment and skin condition will have an effect on your Sugaring.
Practice and experience are important with any new technique. Alexandria Professional offers Advanced Technique Paste choices. Each one designed for different needs. Ask your Representative or call our office to be sure you are using the paste suited to your needs. Take advantage of refreshers or re-certification classes offered by our Educators.

"Why do I need to use the Alexandria Professional products on my clients? Can I replace them with something else?"

We can only guarantee our products. Alexandria Professional’s pre and post care products are made with the highest quality ingredients and have been developed to work with the sugaring technique. After extraction the follicles remain open for a period of time, which is why using other products could cause complications for our customers. Our Product Knowledge and ingredient sheets will help you give the best possible advice to your customer.

"How do I remove stubborn, coarse facial hair?"

For terminal hair on the face, apply a warm wet towel this helps to open the pores and soften the hair before treatment. Paste can be applied to the skin and left to seep below the mouth of the follicle which will aid in the extraction of terminal hair. Essential Tonic™ also assists by helping the sugar paste adhere to the hair when it is applied prior to Vertal 6™.

"I’m having some issues with my technique and getting stuck on clients. What can I do about this?"

There could be many reasons for this. We offer refresher classes, assistance by email, Skype to help you with your individual needs. Our office and Educators are here to assist you.

"When should I use the Tropical Paste™?"
Tropical paste is made for hot or humid conditions. Tropical paste is used when your room is too hot or humid, you or your client may be hot due to hormones, hot weather or if you use a facial steamer in the room you are sugaring in. Remember Tropical Paste™ is a dryer paste and should only be used under these circumstances.

"When will I use the LK Sugar Paste™?"

Our LK Sugar Paste™ is a very soft paste. If you find you are adding water or lemon juice to your paste (adjusting) on a regular basis then you may need to use a softer paste for those areas where your paste is to stiff. We recommend using this paste on dry areas such as legs. LK Sugar Paste™ will allow you to do full legs with minimal affect to your paste by the dead skin being exfoliated from the skin.

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