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Alexandria Professional West

Our Advanced Technique Sugar Paste is the best quality paste on the market. Allowing the practitioner the ability to customize the sugar paste for each individual and area of the body. It is gentle and comfortable to the skin. Cost effective using one application for multiple areas of the body.


Advanced Technique Body Sugaring hair removal offers numerous unique and diverse benefits. A safe, gentle, more effective way to remove unwanted hair for women, men and children, with the added benefit of removing dead skin cells and conditioning the skin. Your skin is left supple, smooth, exfoliated and it helps even out skin tone.

Hair is removed in the early anagen (growing) stage at 1/8 inch or less in the natural direction of growth. This can be done a few days after shaving!

Extraction in the growing stage allows the hair to stay void of the follicle for a longer period of time. Hair grows in finer and diminishes over a period of time. This allows for longer time between appointments, with less discomfort, less breakage and less irritation.

Our products are completely natural skin conscious with no ureas, parabens or petro ingredients. There are no chemical additives, no wax resins, no essential oils, which means our sugar pastes could be deliciously edible. Additives can cause adverse reactions for some individuals.



  • Pure and natural ingredients, so natural you can eat it!

  • No need to grow your hair, extraction at 1/8 or less

  • It is not hot, which means no chance of burning

  • Less painful

  • Exfoliates the skin leaving it in better condition

  • Can be used on any area of the body

  • Easy cleanup no residue or sticky skin

  • It is sanitary, no risk of cross contamination

Sugaring FAQs

"How often do I need to book an appointment?"

Extraction of the hair at 1/8 of an inch or less on a regular basis can lead to permanency. We advise extraction at 1/8 inch, this could be between 3 to 6 weeks depending on the area of the body and your individual rate of hair growth.

"Do I need to grow my hair long like I do with waxing?"

NO! Advanced Technique Body Sugaring™ extracts the hair at 1/8 of an inch or less. This means you will only have to wait a few days after shaving.

Sugaring FAQs

"Does sugaring cause ingrowns?"

No. Hair growing over the mouth of the follicle causes ingrown hairs. Improper technique, lack of exfoliation and improper knowledge of skin care are the main causes of ingrown hairs. Alexandria Professional Practitioners are trained to use the proper pre and post extraction care during their service. Following our Full Circle of Skin Care will ensure our clients maintain optimal condition of their skin.

Sugaring FAQs

"How does sugaring differ from waxing?"

Our sugar paste is moulded on the skin against the direction of hair growth. It is then extracted with the direction of hair growth causing less breakage, less pain, less ingrown hairs, less skin irritation and exfoliation of the skin. Wax is heated to a very high degree. This causes swelling in the tissue and pain to the skin.  Our Advanced Technique paste is applied at room temperature, we never run the risk of burning our client's skin.

Sugaring FAQs

"Is sugaring unsanitary?"

No. Our paste has a high concentration of sugar which means no bacteria can breed in the jar. Our practitioners are trained to use gloves while extracting hair.

"I have sensitive skin. Are your products safe for me to use?"

Absolutely! Our sugar paste is all natural. Alexandria Professional® uses skin conscious products, with no Ureas, Parabens or Petro Ingredients! One of the most common comments of clients is how gentle the paste is to the skin.

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