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It is generally recognized in the beauty industry that the subject of hair removal is given very little attention in most beauty schools. This is surprising in view of the fact that hair removal can be very traumatic to the client, and can cause numerous adverse reactions depending on the condition of the skin and hair.

It is the objective of Alexandria Professional™ to have its practitioners known as experts in the field of hair removal. To become a certified Alexandria Professional™ Body Sugaring Practitioner, you must successfully complete a two-part exam, Written Theory and Practical. Once you have successfully passed both Theory and Practical, your Alexandria Professional™ Body Sugaring Certificate will be issued to you.

The Alexandria Professional™ method of Advanced Body Sugaring is accredited through NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences) as a continuing education course for licensed professionals and students currently enrolled in the cosmetology or esthetic courses in a licensed school.


Sign up for a hands-on, two-day training class. Our classes are conducted by an experienced, certified Educator. Within the 16 to 18 hour sessions, you will learn how to sugar all body parts required for certification as well as learn to understand the theory behind sugaring and how it can help your clients. Diminish hair growth and improve the condition of the skin.

Your Kit will include all products required to provide your service.

If you don’t see a location listed near you please call to inquire about individual or in salon & spa classes.


Alexandria Professional® Brand is the Brand recognized by the consumer. We understand the need for product recognition and work hard to create consumer awareness. As a result our office receives many calls from the public looking for Alexandria Professional™ Practitioners and products. To assist our practitioners in achieving a successful business, we are more than happy to forward these customers to our practitioner.

We would like to further your success and business growth by making it easier for customers to find you. In addition our "Brandmark Agreement" helps make your business more visible to the customer.

By using our brand logo, taglines and marketing materials. This allows customers to find you quick and easy.


Alexandria Professional® Advanced Technique Sugar Paste is by far the best quality paste on the market. Allowing the practitioner the ability to customize the sugar paste for there needs, each individual and area of the body.

It has superior seepability, allowing extraction of the most resistant hair, which means less effort for the practitioner resulting in less discomfort to the clients skin.

These benefits allow the practitioner to use less paste per treatment. Leading to lower product costs and higher profits per client, while maintaining the standard of “The World Leading Experts in Body Sugaring” service.

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